Why We Partner

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We are a learning organization where our objective for all engagements is to appreciate the value proposition of our consulting base. We endeavor to provide the best quality of service while helping to solve our client’s complex objectives, when necessary, LumInsight reaches out to our partner base to add additional depth regarding specific product offerings and expertise.


We design solutions specific to your needs. You leverage our collective knowledge and expertise to design the most innovative solutions for your business.


We have domain expertise with the following:


• Architecting an application agnostic framework for the development of data, information and analytical services;


• Maturing our customer’s Data Governance architecture, which includes the set of policies, rules, standards and models that define the type of data collected and how it is secured, used, stored, managed and integrated within their organization and its data systems;


• Maturing our customer’s Enterprise Data Ecosystems enabling enterprise data / information sharing;


• Implementing, improving and managing inter-departmental analytical and data services;


• Eliminating information silos by federating core data and optimizing visualizations and reporting

LumInsight IBM Registered Partner