Who We Are

LumInsight is a Woman-Owned Small Business. The company was founded in 2014 by two seasoned consultants, Damian Rodriguez and Gary Lesser, who shared a vision of delivering quality analytics regardless of our clients' choice of software. True to that vision, our employees share that same guiding principle. We apply our collective knowledge, skills and years of experience to deliver results not just promises. LumInsight architects analytical frameworks used to empower decision makers with reasonably complete and accurate data.


Our past performances encompass supporting mission critical system readiness, asset tracking and management, safety regarding defect investigations, supply logistics, risk mitigation and cyber security.


Our solutions are practical and provide reliable insights to clients who need to forge ahead with their mission.


LumInsight has an excellent track record based on strong partnerships with clients who have a deep understanding of their business domain with clearly defined objectives. Our business brand is known for its honesty, integrity and delivering quality services that provide reliable and relevant data to solve complex challenges.

Our Leadership Team

Cynthia Jeffers is the majority owner of LumInsight Analytics, responsible for maintaining the financial health of the company through the development of strategies to drive revenue growth and running marketing campaigns.


Gary Lesser is the minority owner of LumInsight Analytics, responsible for managing operations and the companies consultants.

LumInsight Analytics, LLP
LumInsight Analytics, LLP
LumInsight Analytics, LLP

Our Mission

To secure our clients’ credibility, relevance and growth by

• Providing in-depth data analysis

• Validating the integrity of their information

• Protecting data assets and

• Presenting reliable insights that illuminate the right path towards successful implementation of strategic plans.

Core Values

• We are highly ethical;

• Value exceeds expectations – always;

• Strong customer bonds based on trust, honesty and a moral compass to do the right thing;

• Effective, clear and unambiguous communication to get to the truth of the matter;

• Helping our clients work smarter with their people, process, and data;

• We deliver results on our promises.

Our Philosophy and Social Impact Goals

We value operating a business that is not solely driven by profits and want our social impact to echo our values. We are providing a vehicle where our analytical products diffuse speculation, facilitate honest conversations and drive important, often times, global and life-altering decisions based on reliable data and accurately documented facts.


At every level of society, we need trusted data sources that can be properly interpreted. We hope to marry together valuable organizational knowledge with the tools being implemented to tap into the right data sources and report appropriately - what organizations are doing, how they are doing overall and how they can improve. The only way to know is to measure the past, make adjustments in the present and plan for the future.


LumInsight aims to support noteworthy causes and create corporate giving programs that inspire our employees to have a philanthropic mindset.


We would like to make a positive social impact by providing our analytical services to organizations attempting to raise awareness for a particular cause focused on:


• A quality of life indicator like air, economics, education, health, soil, urbanization or water

• Reducing the risk of cyber security attacks which compromise an individual’s privacy or integrity


We strive to do well by doing good!