Our Approach

We are given a problem and we deliver practical solutions that work. We create pilot applications that prove to hit the mark prior to deploying them throughout the organization. This approach saves our clients tremendous time, money and resources.

We believe that the value we offer through our services and solutions should always exceed expectations. We oversee the full life-cycle implementation of business analytics solutions that support critical mission objectives. Our specialty is in applying data architecture and decision support solutions within organizations managing complex engineering systems and technologies.

LumInsight designs solutions specific to our clients’ needs and they leverage our collective professional knowledge and expertise to meet their business objectives.

Our Commitment

(1) To ensure your organization derives valuable insights from real, relevant, and reliable data. (The 3 R’s)

(2) To ensure accurate and trusted information that illuminate valuable insights.

(3) To help your organization, whatever you are trying to achieve, tap into correct data sources that most effectively measure where you have been, where you are today and where you are going.

Experience and Successes

Our LumInsight team of consultants deployed and currently maintain the enterprise data and analytical services for NHTSA. In 2014, we deployed the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) for The Department of Transportation – National Highways Transportation Administration (NHTSA).

We also deployed the Executive Dashboard per the Administrator’s requirements and enabled a means for vehicle manufacturers to deliver private documents and data securely to NHTSA.

We designed and deployed the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Risk Assessment and Monitoring dashboard that securely presents the integration of vulnerabilities, systems and remediation policies specific to each mode in the DOT.