Our Services

The major challenge that our clients face is having too much data and too little governance. with governing change during their organization’s transformation in a manner that preserves their data integrity.

Data Analytics: Business, Predictive, Cloud

LumInsight equips our clients with capabilities that facilitate the prioritization of their decision-making workflow and activities. We do this by helping them derive valuable insights from accurate, relevant, and reliable data. Our analysts bring decades of experience to compliment your team with the expertise necessary to design, develop and deploy analytical application architectures and data services. We don’t just focus on the front end and dashboards where the data is presented, we focus on where the data resides and all the messy plumbing that comes underneath the surface.

LumInsight combines domain expertise with deep technical knowledge to provide practical analytics solutions that provide immediate ROI with actionable insights for Mission-Critical domains. Byproducts of LumInsight’s analytic service include operational dashboards, performance monitoring scorecards and data driven alert systems.

Cloud Transition

LumInsight helps organizations with assessing their readiness for cloud migration. We help you capitalize on timing opportunities and guiding the process with knowledge of the latest regulations and best practices. Making a transition to the cloud takes planning, considerations of options, the right timing and a solid partner with strong past performance. Our consultants conduct cloud readiness assessments and resources for cloud migration and a subset of the cloud service includes:

• planning the application roadmap
• identifying critical skills
• assessing security requirements
• determining the finances and changes related to migrating on premise architectures to cloud
• monitoring and managing each phase of the transaction

Enterprise Data Governance

In this technology-driven world, cybersecurity risk is growing with enormous proportion due to the increased sophistication of cyber-attack techniques. Business enterprises and government organizations need equally powerful cybersecurity measures to save and protect their data.


LumInsight’s Data Governance consultancy is here to assist your organization with establishing the business objectives, governing council, procedures, human resource and technical capabilities requirements for securing and maintaining the integrity of your information assets.

Our data governance approach aligns all facets of the organization by developing goals for each department of your organization, creating data governance best practices that are tailored to your specific business needs. We provide reporting solutions that are accurate and reliable so you can leverage your data across the entire organization.